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For A Paul Santisi Empowerment Energy Tag"
Tap Into Supportive Empowering Energy And Experience Magic In Your Life!
"Everyone who is ultra happy and successful has a "empowerment" piece that they utilize for its energy and attracting powers" 
- Paul Santisi
Let's pull the curtain back on a WELL KEPT SECRET!
Almost Complete...HOW EXCITING!
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Personal Abundance
Manifesting Power
That Magic Touch
Self Control & Confidence
Just A Few Of The Amazing Benefits That People Are Experiencing!
  • Tags are made from solid stainless steel.
  •  Tags are MADE IN THE USA!
  •  Tags are “diamond etched” for a beautiful finish and feel.
  •  Tags feel amazing with a level of class that goes with any attire.
  •  Tags come with a FREE 30 inch stainless steel chain.
  •  Tags come with a FREE black bumper.
  •  Tags come with a CONFIDENTIAL ACTIVATION instruction energy card.
  •  Double sided with an empowering word on the front and on the back Paul Santisi's etched signature.  With the inscription that reads, "this Paul Santisi empowerment tag releases your ability to clarify, define, and focus on your current emotional state of desire.
  •  Tags come with a 90 day unconditional money back guarantee.
  •  Price includes FREE AND FAST global shipping.

  • Achieve all of your life’s desires with 100% knowingness and 100% certainty no matter what your present situation is right now.
  • You are moments away from becoming better, happier, more motivated, and empowered.
  • You will vibrate with such high positive energy. That you will be thrilled to wake up each day because you will be your own GOOD LUCK GENERATOR!


With The  “Paul Santisi Empowerment Tags” You will take “COMMAND” and create your own “LUCK” and everything in your life.

Take Hold Of The Very Same Secrets Of Self Empowerment That Those Who Always Seem To Be Lucky And In 100% Control Of Their Of Life Use To Create Their Future.

Tap Into The Unlimited Benefits Of Emotional Power, Self Control, Manifestation And Knowledge That True Masters Of Energy Have Used For Thousands Of Years To Create Abundance!

Tap Into The Energetic Power Of Intention Through Self Empowerment That Is Kept A “HUGE SECRET” Because Of It’s Amazing Power!

You Will Gain The “MAGIC TOUCH”.  Your Life Will Become Your Life For The Rest Of Your Life!

Positively Impact Yourself And Everyone Around You, Amplifying Your Energetic Abilities Like You Never Thought Possible!

Embrace And Release The Dormant Genius Within To Be The “CREATOR” Of Your Reality.

You Are Moments Away From Becoming Better, Happier, More Motivated, More Empowered Than In Any Time In Your Life Up To This Point.

You Will Be Your Own GOOD LUCK GENERATOR in all aspects of your life.

Get Ready To Experience Some Powerful And Positive Changes In Your Life!.
      You Have Never Experienced Anything So Powerful!
      •  Includes a FREE solid stainless steel 30 inch chain!
      •  Includes a FREE rubber surround bumper!
      •  Includes a FREE CONFIDENTIAL Activation Instruction Energy Card!

        • Achieve All Of Your Life’s Desires With 100% Knowingness.
        •  Achieve All Of Your Life’s Wants With 100% Confidence.
        •  Achieve All Of Your Life’s Dreams With 100% Self Assurance.
        •  Achieve All Of Your Life’s Desires While Eliminating All Blocks.
        •  Achieve All Of Your Life’s Spiritual Connections.
        •  Achieve All Of Your Life’s Materialistic Wants.
        •  Achieve All Of Your Life’s Job, Business And Career Goals.
        • Achieve All Of Your Life’s Need To Vibrant Dynamic Health.
        •  Achieve All Of Your Life’s Relationship Goals.
        HOW IT WORKS
        How It Works…. You just watched the video that I made talking a little bit about how amazing these empowerment tags are. I revealed several SECRETS to you that went over most peoples heads.

        During that video I shared that the missing ingredient when creating good luck, financial abundance, manifesting powers, dynamic health, happiness, relationships, prosperity and beyond in life is intention.

        Without the right intention nothing you want happens accept more of what you don’t want because you are un aware of how to set a proper intention. Other wise you’d be doing it.  Does that make sense? I hope it does.

        Then the opposite is true.  When you have a special item or piece in your possession that has the power of intention.  Created by a being who vibrates with a powerful frequency, for you to succeed and for you to achieve your goals and dreams.

        It virtually becomes magical in its abilities to empower the bearer of such piece.  That everything that they desire to have be and do is 100% possible and simply a decision of away!


        These empowerment tags are unlike anything that has ever been created. 

        Each one is super charged with the powerful intention and signature of myself for you become great!

        You will virtually feel it buzz and tingle with powerful, positive, vibrant and loving energy the moment you put it on.

        There is truly nothing like it anywhere in the World and these can never be duplicated by anyone.
        These empowerment tags “are pure magic in physical form”.

        Some of you will read this and your ego and beliefs will get in the way, you will just put this off as nonsense and not possible.

        You will say to yourself, how can a tag with a word on it bring me luck and activate something within me to create the future that I want?

        I hear you.  I used to think the same way.  When I did my life full of confusion and struggle.

        It was not until I dropped my preconceived assumptions and simply “duplicated” what those who had the life I wanted believed in and used as powerful to “tools” to speed up there manifesting powers. It’s easier than your led to believe.  Believe me when I say YOU CAN DO THIS!

        No matter what your thinking I want you to know that it’s 100% fine with me.  I can’t want something more than you need to want it for yourself.

        You see I know how well and fast these start to work when you “believe”.
        It will blow your mind how fast these empowerment tags begin to change how you feel about yourself.  For 97% it’s virtually instantly!

        Just know that it’s never ever talked or publicized that energy and good luck pieces are considered “prized possessions” that are used by all the super successful and lucky people on planet Earth.

        Those who lives are full of confidence, happiness, manifesting power, financial abundance, dynamic health, joy, abundance, prosperity, luck and beyond.

        The truth is that none of these people will ever admit that something so powerful exists.  They will lie to your face to keep their “SECRET” hidden from you and the rest of the world.  While they live a life that 99% of other people only dream about!

        Achieve All Of Your Life’s Desires With 100% Certainty.  NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PRESENT SITUATION IS RIGHT NOW!
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        Here's What To Do Next
        Like I mentioned before, this empowerment energy tag is FREE ($69.95 value). All I ask is that you help me cover the printing, packaging, postage, processing and fulfillment costs of $14.95 anywhere in the world!

        I am paying for the empowerment tag out of my pocket for you!

        Plus I am giving you a FREE 30 inch solid stainless steel chain and protective black bumper and confidential activation energy card all for FREE!

        Oh, and in case you're wondering...

        There Is No Catch!
        This is my way of thanking you personally for making Paul Santisi audios, videos, and guided meditations some of the most listented to in the world.  In the areas of personal development, self empowerment and spiritual awareness!

        I 100% guarantee that you'll love your empowerment energy tag.   If you do not love what you receive, just send it back and I'll return your $14.95 shipping (within 90 days).

        That's right. Just email me or call the number on your receipt to send it back and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.

        Sound fair?
        This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your FREE Empowerment Energy Tag Now Before They're All Gone...
        Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

        Paul Santisi

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